Car WeaponsEdit

Primary WeaponsEdit

Uzi (Dual)/Cost: $10000

TEC-9 (Dual) /Cost: $10000

P90 (Dual)/Cost: $10000

MP5 (Dual)/Cost: $10000

M16/Cost: $35000

AK-47/Cost: $35000


Secondary WeaponsEdit

Mines/Cost: $35000

M32/Cost: $45000

Grenade Launcher (Explode on Contact)/Cost: $50000

RPG-7/Cost: $75000

M202 FLASH/Cost: $100000

Boat WeaponsEdit

Primary WeaponsEdit

Pump Action/Cost:  $20000

Sawed-Off Shotgun/Cost: $20000

Spas-12/Cost: $30000

Shotgun AA-12/Cost: $50000

Secondary WeaponsEdit

Mk-44/Cost: $20000

Mk-46/Cost: $25000

Mk-50/Cost: $50000

Mk-48/Cost: $100000

Helicopter WeaponsEdit

Primary WeaponsEdit

Minigun/Cost: $25000

Double Minigun/Cost: $50000

Triple Minigun/Cost:$100000

Secondary WeaponsEdit

Rocket Pod/Cost: $100000

Missile/Cost: $500000

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